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Buildable plot 2674 sqm in Achillion


Buildable plot 1051 sqm for sale in Achillion. The plot has electricity and it includes a plot of 1623 sqm (buildable under conditions) outside the settlement, next to the first…

2,674 Sq m

Seafront plot of 24823 sqm in Agios Stefanos Volos

Agios Stefanos

Buildable plot of 24823 sqm for sale in the seaside settlement of Agios Stefanos, Volos. The plot is located within the city plan and in a fast growing area with…

24,823 Sq m

Buildable plot 4223 sqm in Lefokastro Pelion


Buildable plot 4223 sqm for sale in Lefokastro, Pelion. The property is located between Lefokastro and Kalamos, has good ground slope, and amazing view. There is also water and electricity.…

4,223 Sq m

Buildable plot 8000 sqm in Belian Pelion


Buildable plot 8000 sqm for sale in an amazing location in Belian, Pelion. The property is around 300 m away from the sea, has amazing view, good ground slope and…

8,000 Sq m

Buildable plot of 4883 sqm in Lefokastro Pelion


Buildable plot of 4883 sqm for sale in the area of Razi – Lefokastro Pelion. The property has a good slope, amazing view and is close to the sea.

4,883 Sq m

Buildable plot 3380 sqm in Liri Pelion


Buildable plot 3380 sqm for sale in Liri, Pelion. The plot is located 1000 meters from the sea, has electricity and water and is very close to Katigiorgis. Bebaubares Grundstück…

3,380 Sq m

Buildable plot 14600 in the area of Mikro Pelion


Buildable plot 14600 for sale in the area of Mikro, Pelion. The plot has a good ground slope, nice view and the access is by dirt road. Baubares Grundstück 14…

14,600 Sq m

Buildable plot 16400 sqm in Chondri Ammos Pelion

Chondri Ammos

Buildable plot 16400 sqm for sale in Chondri Ammos, Pelion. The plot has excellent ground slope, has olive trees, is located near to the sea and has amazing view. Baubares…

16,400 Sq m

Buildable plot 19500 sqm in Mortia Pelion


Buildable plot 19500 sqm for sale  in Mortia of Pelion, in the area of Patrichori. Τhe plot is sloping, has access from a dirt road and has amazing view. The…

19,500 Sq m

Buildable plot 193 sqm in Agios Lavrentios Pelion

Agios Lavrentios

Buildable plot 193 sqm for sale in Agios Lavrentios, Pelion. On the plot there is a stone half-founded building. The property has spectacular views and the access to it is…

193 Sq m

Buildable plot 5200 sqm in Tsagkarada Pelion


Buildable plot 5200 sqm for sale in Tsagkarada, Pelion. The plot has an amazing view and excellent ground slope. Baubares Grundstück 5200 qm zum Verkauf in Tsagkarada, Pelion. Das Grundstück…

5,200 Sq m

Buildable plot 4200 sqm in Afissos Pelion


Buildable plot 4200 sqm for sale in Afissos, Pelion. The plot is located 100 meters from the sea, has a good slope, amazing view, electricity and water. Baubares Grundstück 4200…

4,200 Sq m
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